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Watch Dogs Legion: Cold Reboot (Watch Dogs: Legion)

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DedSec’s investigation into competing cyber-gangs unearths a shocking plot that will send the world reeling into chaos, in this heart-racing thriller from Watch Dogs Legion

Freya Bauer’s revolutionary fervor has dimmed with age, but just as she’s about to hang up her DedSec mask, she’s recruited for one last mission to Berlin… with her ex-husband of all people. Yet upon her arrival in Germany, a series of betrayals mean she’s suddenly unable to distinguish between friends and foes. Meanwhile, Freya’s past has caught up with her – in the form of a mysterious hitman determined to take out the Bauer family in London. However, if he can’t immediately remove Freya from the board, her son might be the next best thing. Freya must navigate competing tech-gangs, reconcile with her ex, and save her son before everything she loves is destroyed.