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War of Civilization



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War of Civilizations is a 4x strategy board game set in the year 2050 on a climate change-affected dystopian earth.

Players take on the role of Clan Leaders and compete to gain mystical powers, acquire resources, and build powerful war fleets to conquer land and defeat rival clans.
The game requires players to balance their acquisition of powers and resources with their warfare tactics while navigating the challenges of a harsh, post-apocalyptic world.

The objective of the game is to achieve dominance in one of two ways: either by controlling the Isle of Myth for three
consecutive rounds with the Capital Ship, or by accumulating the maximum number of Magic Crystals.

SUPREMACY: Controlling Isle of Myth for 1 full round after paying Ocean crystals for Upkeep.

WARFARE: Win against Capital Ship.
Win against the opponent fleet or *Pirates.

EXPLORE Apex Island.

EXTERMINATE: Eliminate an opponent and gain their magic crystals and resources.