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Terra Mystica Big Box


2-5 Players
60-150 Min
Age: 12+
Complexity: 4.00 / 5

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The Big Box contains the following: Terra Mystica: Base Game Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice expansion Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas expansion Solo mode by Automa Factory

The components include, among others:2 double-sided game boards (with one map each from the base game and the expansion Fire & Ice and the 2 maps from the Merchants of the Seas expansion) 10 double-sided playable faction boards and 9 different colored wooden sets.

A Compact Big Box: With a box that is only 2.25″ deeper than the base game, Terra Mystica: Big Box is the ultimate package for newcomers and fans of Terra Mystica! Included with the Big Box is a complete storage solution instruction guide to help you organize all the components on the inside.