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Telestrations 8 Player – The Original


Type – Party
Complexity – Low
4-8 Players – Best 8
30 Mins
Age 12+
Designer – (Uncredited)
Publisher – Broadway Toys LTD

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“Telestrations” is a party game that combines the elements of drawing and guessing. It was created by USAopoly and is inspired by the classic game of “Telephone” or “Chinese Whispers.” Telestrations is known for its humorous and often unpredictable outcomes.

In Telestrations, players start by sitting in a circle and each receive a booklet with a series of erasable sketching pages. The game begins with all players simultaneously writing a secret word or phrase on the first page of their booklet. After a specific time limit, players pass their booklet to the player on their left.

The next player then looks at the secret word or phrase, turns to a blank page, and attempts to draw a representation of it. Once finished, they pass the booklet to the next player, who sees the drawing but does not know the original word or phrase. This player must then write what they think the drawing depicts.

The process continues as players alternate between drawing and guessing until the booklets make their way around the circle and return to their original owners. At the end, players take turns revealing the progression of drawings and guesses by flipping through their booklets page by page. The final result is often a humorous transformation of the original word or phrase as it evolves through the drawings and interpretations.

Telestrations is known for generating lots of laughter and surprising revelations as players witness the misinterpretations and creative interpretations that occur during the game. It accommodates a wide range of players, making it suitable for parties and gatherings of various sizes.

The game is available in different editions, including family-friendly versions and adult-themed editions, allowing players to choose the appropriate content for their group. Overall, Telestrations is a fun and light-hearted game that encourages creativity, communication, and the joy of unexpected outcomes.