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Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire


1–4 Players
60–120 Min
Age: 14+
Complexity: 4.05 / 5


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“Tawantinsuyu: The Inca Empire” is a board game designed by David Turczi and published by Board&Dice. It was released in 2020 and has gained positive reviews for its strategic depth and thematic immersion.

In “Tawantinsuyu,” players take on the roles of different Inca rulers, striving to expand and develop their empire throughout the Andean region of South America. The game features multiple interconnected mechanisms, including worker placement, resource management, and area control.

Players must manage their workers, gather resources, construct buildings, and expand their influence across the board. The game emphasizes the importance of managing your workforce efficiently while considering the impact of your decisions on other players’ strategies.

One unique aspect of the game is its innovative “circular action selection” mechanism, where players move their action markers around a circular track to choose actions, creating interesting dynamics and opportunities for strategic planning.

As with any board game, “Tawantinsuyu” provides a different experience with each playthrough, and players must adapt their strategies to changing circumstances and opponents’ actions. The game’s thematic setting and immersive gameplay have made it a hit among fans of strategy games.