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Star Wars Imperial Assault The Bespin Gambit


2-5 Players
60 Min
Age: 14+
Complexity: 3.29 / 5

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The Bespin Gambit is a new expansion for Imperial Assault!

The effects of the Galactic Civil War can be felt on every planet of the Star Wars galaxy. On industrialized planets, the inhabitants may be forced to work in brutal conditions, slaves to the construction of the Imperial war machine. Other worlds may be torn by war as legions of Stormtroopers and massive assault walkers squelch any dissension against the Empire’s rule.

On other planets, however, the war is fought in secret, in the shadows of dark alleys, disused conference rooms, and secret meetings. Information is exchanged between faceless Rebel spies, even as the terrifying Imperial Security Bureau searches for their undercover foes. Now, The Bespin Gambit brings this shadow war to your games of Imperial Assault.


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