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Spirit Island Branch & Claw


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“Spirit Island: Branch and Claw” is an expansion for the popular cooperative board game “Spirit Island,” designed by R. Eric Reuss and published by Greater Than Games. “Branch and Claw” was released in 2017 and adds new content and mechanics to enhance the base game’s gameplay.

In “Spirit Island,” players take on the roles of powerful spirits protecting their island home from invaders. The base game features strategic gameplay where each spirit has unique abilities to defend the island, drive away invaders, and prevent them from ravaging the land.

The “Branch and Claw” expansion introduces several new elements to the game:

  1. Two New Spirits: The expansion adds two new spirits for players to choose from, each with their own distinct playstyle and abilities.
  2. Events: The expansion includes event cards that can have various effects on the game, representing unforeseen challenges or opportunities that the spirits must deal with.
  3. Adversaries: “Branch and Claw” introduces more challenging adversaries for players to face, increasing the game’s difficulty and providing additional replayability.
  4. Tokens and Fear Cards: The expansion comes with new tokens and fear cards that impact the game’s mechanics and add new strategies.
  5. Badlands and Strife: These new mechanics add more complexity to the invaders’ actions and interactions with the spirits and the island.

“Spirit Island” and its “Branch and Claw” expansion are well-regarded for their thematic depth, cooperative gameplay, and strategic decision-making. Players must work together to find the best ways to protect the island and expel the invaders.

If you enjoy cooperative games with rich themes and deep strategy, “Spirit Island: Branch and Claw” is an excellent expansion to consider adding to your “Spirit Island” experience. Please note that to play the expansion, you will need the base game “Spirit Island” as well.