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Rush MD ICU Expansion



Expected August/ September ’22

Available on backorder

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You and your fellow doctors have been working tirelessly treating patients all this time and you have helped your new Medical Center to acquire a good reputation and expand more!

But now, with the Medical Center opening an Intensive Care Unit and 4 new Examination Clinics, the pressure is even higher for the doctors to work together in order to save lives and treat everyone quickly but also efficiently. Can you live up to the challenge?

Rush M.D. – ICU is an expansion to the real-time, cooperative, worker placement game Rush M.D. It introduces the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) board, where you will be required to perform electrocardiograms (ECGs), defibrillation and administer pump infusion drugs quickly and efficiently to save lives of very ill patients! It also adds a new Medical Examinations board with 4 new thematic, dexterity mini-games to offer more choices for your game. In Rush M.D. you will also find brand new ICU patients as well as new Hospitalized patients, new objectives, and more!

Get ready to push your limits to save lives! Can you handle the pressure of ICU doctors?!


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