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Roll Camera!: The B-Movie Expansion


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In “Roll Camera!: The B-Movie,” players continue their journey into the world of filmmaking, but this time with a focus on B-movies. B-movies are known for their low-budget productions, over-the-top acting, and often cheesy or campy storylines. This expansion captures the charm and creativity of B-movies and introduces new challenges and opportunities for players.

The expansion typically includes additional cards, tokens, and rulebook to expand the gameplay. It may introduce new genres, themes, or special effects to incorporate the B-movie theme. Players will likely encounter new scenarios, directors, actors, and scripts that reflect the unique style and quirks of B-movies.

With the expansion, players will have the chance to create and direct their own B-movie masterpieces, navigating the challenges of low budgets, eccentric characters, and unexpected twists. They will continue to roll dice, manage resources, and make strategic decisions to bring their films to life while competing against other players for success and recognition.

Overall, “Roll Camera!: The B-Movie” expansion aims to inject more variety and thematic depth into the base game, allowing players to explore the wild and imaginative world of B-movies. It offers new gameplay elements while retaining the core mechanics of the original game, providing an engaging and entertaining experience for fans of filmmaking and board games alike.