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Robo Rally


Programmed robot racing!

Type –  Family
Complexity – Easy
2-6 Players – Best 3
45-90 Mins
Age 13+
Designers – Richard Garfield
Publisher – Renegade Game Studios

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If you thought that factory robots took the weekend off like you do (well, most of you), then you haven’t seen a robo rally yet. When the supervisors are gone and the cameras have been angled to watch the ceiling, the robots take charge and participate in exciting and deadly race-battles.

Robo Rally is a competitive racing game full of robotic chaos! Program your robot to tag checkpoints, attach powerful upgrades, and turn this dreary old warehouse into a fabulous fast and frenzied fun factory!

The game includes six pre-painted robot miniatures and four double-sided factory game boards, with thirteen pre-made race courses and more than eighty different possible race courses. The rules feature options for short or long races, starter through advanced courses, and variants for play.


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