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Risk Legacy


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Risk Legacy is a unique spin on the classic strategy board game Risk, designed by Rob Daviau and published by Hasbro. It takes the traditional gameplay of Risk and introduces a legacy-style element, where the game evolves and changes over multiple play sessions, with each game leaving a permanent mark on the game board and components.

In Risk Legacy, players take on the roles of different factions vying for world domination. The game starts with a shared, mostly blank game board and a set of sealed envelopes and packets containing secret content. As the game progresses, players make choices and perform actions that permanently alter the game board and unlock new components, rules, and gameplay elements.

Each time a player wins a game, they have the opportunity to make a “major” change to the game. This could involve renaming continents or territories, adding new rules, destroying components, or introducing new factions. These changes are recorded and become a permanent part of the game for future play sessions.

The legacy aspect of Risk Legacy creates a unique narrative and gameplay experience. The evolving game board, new rules, and surprises keep players engaged and invested in the evolving story of their world. Choices made by players in earlier games can have lasting consequences, leading to a highly personalized and ever-evolving game experience.

Risk Legacy is designed for a campaign-style play, with multiple sessions building upon one another. The game is meant to be played with the same group of players, creating a shared story and a sense of camaraderie or rivalry throughout the campaign.