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Raiders of Scythia


1–4 Players
60–80 Min
Age: 12+
Complexity: 2.62 / 5

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Raiders of Scythia is a strategic board game designed by Shem Phillips and published by Garphill Games. It is a standalone game that takes place in the same universe as the popular game Raiders of the North Sea. In Raiders of Scythia, players take on the roles of Scythian warriors seeking glory and riches as they raid settlements, battle opponents, and compete to become the greatest warlord.

In the game, players have their own individual player boards representing their clans. They use action cards and worker placement mechanics to carry out various actions such as gathering resources, recruiting warriors, trading goods, engaging in battles, and completing quests. Each action has strategic implications and contributes to a player’s overall progress and point accumulation.

Raiders of Scythia emphasizes efficiency and optimization, as players strive to make the most of their limited actions and resources. Players must carefully plan their moves, manage their clan’s resources, and take advantage of the opportunities presented on the game board.

The game also features a combat system where players can engage in battles with other players or NPCs (non-player characters). These battles are resolved through dice rolling and tactical decision-making. Victory in battles can lead to rewards, prestige, and advancement on the path to becoming the greatest warlord.

Raiders of Scythia offers multiple paths to victory, including raiding settlements, accumulating victory points, completing quests, and mastering certain abilities. The game provides a rich thematic experience, with artwork and components that immerse players in the world of the Scythian warriors.

Overall, Raiders of Scythia combines strategic decision-making, resource management, worker placement, and tactical combat. It offers an engaging and immersive gameplay experience for fans of euro-style board games and those interested in the ancient world and the life of legendary warriors.


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