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Prussian Rails


Build railroads across Germany.

Type – Strategy
Complexity – Medium
3-5 Players – Best 4
90-120 Mins
Age 14+
Designer – John Bohrer
Publisher – Rio Grande Games

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The growth of railroads in Germany was explosive. Everyone wanted them and wanted them now. The Kaiser, industry, merchants, moguls, and mayors got the wheels of German engineering cranked up fast. Money flooded in from all quarters, and the race was on to build the finest railroads in the world immediately. Vast wealth and prosperity await those who wisely invest in the most lucrative ventures. Deutschland über alles!

In Prussian Rails, players invest in railroads and build them across all of Germany in 1830s, carefully balancing competition with cooperation to achieve the optimal returns on their investments. With an innovative turn order mechanism, 3 to 5 players vie to make Germany the world’s railway super power.