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Start your journey into nature and collect cards to become a true nature observer.

Type -Family, Strategy
Complexity – Medium
1-4 Players – Best 4
60-90 Mins
Age 10+
Designer – Klemens Kalicki
Publisher – Rebel Studio

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Meadow is a board game designed by Klemens Kalicki and published by Rebel. It is a beautifully illustrated game that immerses players in the serene and natural world of meadows and wildlife.

In Meadow, players take on the roles of animals, exploring and inhabiting the meadow as they compete to become the most successful and well-adapted species. The game focuses on the delicate balance of nature and the interactions between different animal species.

The gameplay of Meadow revolves around card drafting and set collection. Each player has their own animal species with unique abilities, represented by a deck of cards. Players take turns selecting cards from a central display, choosing the ones that best fit their strategy and complement their existing cards.

As players gather cards, they create habitats, form relationships with other animals, and score points based on specific objectives and scoring conditions. The game encourages players to build synergies between their cards, adapt to changing conditions, and observe the behaviors of other players’ animal species.

Meadow features stunning artwork and a tranquil atmosphere that captures the beauty of nature. The game immerses players in the world of meadows, with its lush landscapes and diverse animal life. It provides a relaxing and strategic gameplay experience that is accessible to both casual and experienced board gamers.

With its elegant mechanics, peaceful theme, and captivating visuals, Meadow offers a refreshing and engaging game for players who appreciate the wonders of nature and the dynamics of ecosystems.