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Five Tribes

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Type – Strategy
Complexity – Medium
2-4 Players – Best 2
40-80 Mins
Age 13+
Designer – Bruno Cathala
Publisher – Days of Wonder

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Five Tribes is a strategic board game designed by Bruno Cathala and published by Days of Wonder. It is set in the mythical land of Naqala, where players take on the roles of powerful viziers competing for influence and control over the five tribes of the land.

In Five Tribes, the game board consists of a grid of tiles, each representing a different location in Naqala. On their turn, players manipulate the placement and movement of the colored meeples (representing the tribes) on the tiles to take various actions and score points.

The game is known for its unique “worker displacement” mechanic. Players choose a tile and then move the meeples on that tile, following specific rules for movement. When the last meeple is moved from a tile, the player claims all meeples of the same color from that tile and takes the corresponding action associated with that color. These actions allow players to collect resources, gain special abilities, acquire cards, or manipulate the board.

Strategic planning and tactical decisions are crucial in Five Tribes. Players need to consider the possible combinations and consequences of their moves, as well as analyze the actions and scoring opportunities available on the board. Timing and efficient use of resources are key to maximizing points and outmaneuvering opponents.


How to Play