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Final Girl



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This Core box is NOT playable by itself and requires you to also own at least one Feature Film Box.

Final Girl is a horror-themed tabletop role-playing game designed by Brett Gillan. It is inspired by the slasher film genre, where players take on the roles of characters in a horror movie scenario, trying to survive and ultimately defeat the killer.

In Final Girl, one player takes on the role of the Game Master, controlling the actions of the killer and setting the stage for the horror narrative. The other players take on the roles of the potential victims, known as Final Girls, who are determined to survive the night.

The game is designed to be quick and intense, with a focus on storytelling and improvisation. Players navigate through scenes, making choices and using their character’s abilities and resources to outsmart the killer, find escape routes, and uncover the secrets of the mystery at hand.

Final Girl uses simple mechanics, typically involving rolling dice to determine outcomes, but the emphasis is more on collaborative storytelling and creating tension-filled moments. The game encourages players to embrace horror tropes, develop their characters, and engage in dramatic and suspenseful interactions.

As a role-playing game, Final Girl provides a framework for players to immerse themselves in a horror movie scenario, where the focus is on survival, resource management, and unraveling the story. It offers a unique and thrilling experience for those who enjoy the horror genre and want to participate in creating their own suspenseful narratives.