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Final Girl Series 2 Box of Props

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As you already know, Final Girl produces incredibly cinematic moments. Games, as with movies, are sometimes only as good as the quality of the production. In movies, detailed sets and realistic props are very important and the difference in bigger budge productions is clear.

The Box of Props introduces a plethora of deluxe components and goodies to enhance your Final Girl experience and take your “production budget” to the next level! Deluxe markers, new Final Girl cards, new Signature Action cards, 7 custom dice, and more await you inside!


1 Horror Track Miniature
1 Deluxe Bloodlust Marker
1 Deluxe Time Marker
1 Desperation Die
1 Book of Desperate Deaths
6 Ultimate Dice
1 Ultimate Dice Card
10 Signature Action Cards
12 Deluxe Final Health Tokens
1 Rulebook
4 Final Girl Cards
‣ Layla
‣ Agnes
‣ Julia
‣ Constance

This is not a stand-alone game. This is an accessory for Final Girl: Core Box and any Final Girl Feature Film.