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Type – Party
Complexity – Easy
2-10 Players – Best 5,8
15-30 Mins
Age 10+
Designers – Luigi FerriniDaniele Ursini
Publisher – Ergo Ludo Editions

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In the co-operative game Ensemble, all players must vote — without communicating — on one of the cards on display that they think best matches a card in the middle of the table. Communication is allowed only once all the players’ votes have been revealed, and if all players have voted the same way (with a small, variable tolerance depending on the number of players), the group moves on to the next level. Otherwise, they lose a life.

The goal of the game is to win level 9 — and once the game is won for the first time, the first scenario deck (of three) is unlocked, with new rules and cards being available for future games.


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