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2-6 Players
15–20 Min
Age: 10+
Complexity: 1.69/ 5

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In Ecosystem, players create their own unique ecosystems by drafting cards representing various species and environmental factors. The goal is to build a balanced and sustainable ecosystem that can thrive and adapt to changes in the environment.

Each card in the game represents a species, such as plants, herbivores, or carnivores, or an environmental factor like weather events or geological phenomena. Players must strategically choose which cards to add to their ecosystem, considering the interactions between species, the availability of resources, and potential threats from other players’ ecosystems.

The game incorporates elements of resource management, hand management, and tableau building. It challenges players to think critically about ecological principles, such as the predator-prey relationship, energy flow, and the delicate balance of nature.

Ecosystem is known for its beautiful artwork and educational value. It provides an engaging and thought-provoking gameplay experience while also imparting knowledge about ecological concepts.

As players adapt to the changing environment and make strategic decisions, they learn about the complexities of ecosystems and the challenges faced by living organisms in the natural world. Ecosystem is a great choice for those who enjoy environmentally themed games and want to explore the fascinating dynamics of nature.