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Dinn. Beast Starter Deck


Type – Strategy
Complexity – Easy
2 Players –
30 Mins
Age 12+
Designer – Gabriel Whittemore
Publisher –Sisyphus Systems

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Dinn starter decks are the ideal way to jump into the game. Designed to allow pick-up-and-play, and provide a simple entry into the alternate reality game.


Dinn is an expandable card game where every card is part of an alternate reality puzzle game.

The cards themselves featuring Heroes and Villains from mythology, history, and legend. Dinn’s gameplay is inspired by poker and heavily relies on strategy and subterfuge.

Additionally, every card in Dinn is part of a puzzle. Solve the puzzles on these cards to unlock bonus cards for the community.

Every puzzle leads to multi-media, which slowly reveals an interactive, community-driven story.