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The King is on vacation. He entrusted the city and its treasure to the prince. The brigands know it and intend to fill their pockets.. or at least try! Will you play prince or brigand?

Brigands is an asymetrical game of deduction and trickery that pits a prince against rival bands of brigands. The prince must protect the coffers of the city against brigands. If no brigand succeeds in stealing 50 Ducats from the kingdom at the end of the 6 game turns, the prince is victorious! Otherwise, the richest bandit wins.

On a turn, each player will send its 3 crew members in the districts of his choice. The choice is secret and simultaneous. When everyone has set his mind, it’s time to reveal choices and place every crew members in the city. If a prince’s crew is on the same district brigand’s crews, thieves are arrested before they could hope to get richer. Otherwise, they will be able to plunder the district. Each district allows to loot the treasure in a unique way. Be careful, if someone has played an action token on the district in the beginning of his turn, he will be able to steal or push other player’s crew, or maybe to run to another district at the last minute. Once in jail, thieves can choose to await trial or attempt to escape.
The prince player will improve his skills during the game to better recover his treasure or better trap brigands.