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Battletech Technical Readout: Dark Age


Destroy your opponent’s mech in this wargame

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From the star-spanning devastation of the Word of Blake Jihad arose the Republic of the Sphere, a new nation dedicated to breaking the centuries-long cycle of warfare plaguing the Inner Sphere and creating new innovation and prosperity for all.

The ideals of the Republic worked—for a time.

Then in 3132, hyperpulse generators across thousands of worlds went offline, enveloping the Inner Sphere in silence. Paranoia and opportunism ran rampant as age-old hostilities reignited and chaos ruled the day. The Republic, the grand experiment in hope, was torn asunder by hostile forces on every side.

The Republic Era—better known as the Dark Age—was a time of upheaval and opportunity. Fortunes rose and fell, nations crumbled and others reconstituted. And at the center of the whirlwind lay Terra, the crown jewel of the Republic, a prize waiting for the warrior strong enough to seize it.


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