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After the Empire


Type – Strategy
Complexity – Medium
2-4 Players – Best 2-3
60-120 Mins
Age 13+
Designers – Evan Halbert, Ryan Mauk
Publisher – Grey Fox Games

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After The Empire is a worker placement/resource management game set in the middle ages. During each turn, known as a season, players alternate using worker tokens to take actions, such as gathering resources, building advanced buildings and recruiting refugees. Once all workers have been committed, players harvest food from their surrounding lands and then prepare for combat.

During each season’s combat, invader cards are revealed, with a randomized number of troops and compass direction of attack. Only the wealthiest of castles will draw the attention of larger forces and their siege weapons. You must repair your city and recruit and arm your troops quickly to stand any chance. The winner is the lord or lady who has best preserved their fiefdom and saved up the most gold.

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