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Type – Party
Sudėtingumas - Lengvas
2-12 Players – Best 6, 8
30-45 Mins
Amžius 14+
Designers – Alex Hague, Justin Vickers, Wolfgang Warsch
Publisher – Palm Court


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Dive into the Fun: Discover the Wavelength Board Game!

Description: Embark on an exciting journey of communication and deduction with the Wavelength board game. Designed to ignite laughter and ignite your strategic thinking, Wavelength is the ultimate game night essential for friends and family.

With Wavelength, players take turns giving clues to locate a hidden target along a spectrum. Whether you’re guessing where “Hot vs. Cold” meets or trying to find the balance between “Sweet vs. Savory,” every round promises unexpected twists and turns. The game challenges your ability to understand your teammates’ thought processes while keeping you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Featuring intuitive gameplay and vibrant components, Wavelength is perfect for seasoned gamers and newcomers alike. Its versatility ensures endless replayability, making it an ideal addition to any game collection.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Wavelength is also a fantastic tool for team building, fostering communication skills and encouraging creative thinking in corporate settings or educational environments.

So, why wait? Bring the excitement of Wavelength into your next game night and experience unforgettable moments of laughter, suspense, and friendly competition. Order now and let the waves of fun begin!

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    Original price was: €48.99.Current price is: €42.99.
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