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Tipas - Šeimos
Sunkumas - Vidutinis
1-5 žaidėjai
30-60 Mins
Amžius 10+
Designer – Haakon Gaarder
Publisher – Sinister Fish Games

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“Villagers” is a card drafting and village-building board game designed by Haakon Garder Bromander and published by Sinister Fish Games. In the game, players take on the roles of medieval village leaders, competing to attract talented and skilled villagers to their towns.

The gameplay of Villagers revolves around card drafting and tableau building. Players take turns selecting cards from a central market representing potential villagers with different professions and abilities. These villagers can be skilled in various trades, such as farming, mining, trading, and more.

Each villager card has a cost and a specific effect that can benefit the player’s village, generate resources, or score points. Players must carefully choose which villagers to recruit based on their strategies and the evolving needs of their growing towns.

As the game progresses, players will expand their villages by adding new villagers and buildings to their tableau. Some villagers have “income” abilities, generating resources at the start of each round, while others contribute to the player’s overall scoring.

Villagers features simple but engaging mechanics, offering strategic depth and multiple paths to victory. Players must consider their fellow players’ actions and adapt their strategies accordingly.

The game provides different scoring objectives, encouraging players to pursue different routes to success and enhancing replayability. Villagers also includes expansion packs that introduce new cards and gameplay elements, further adding to the variety and challenges.

Villagers is a well-regarded game that appeals to players who enjoy card drafting, tableau building, and resource management. It combines accessible gameplay with satisfying strategic decision-making, making it an enjoyable experience for both casual and experienced board gamers.