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Unlock!: Escape Adventures


Type – Thematic
Sunkumas - Vidutinis
1-6 Players – Best 2
60-90 Mins
Amžius 10+
Designers – Cyril Demaegd, Guilaine Didier, Gabriel Durnerin, Luna Marie, Mathieu Casnin, Théo Rivière
Publisher – Space Cowboys


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Unlock!” is a series of cooperative card-based escape room board games designed by Cyril Demaegd and published by Space Cowboys. The series offers a digital hybrid experience that combines physical cards with a companion app to create immersive escape room scenarios.

In “Unlock!,” players take on the roles of adventurers trying to solve puzzles, decipher codes, and unlock secrets to complete various missions and escape challenging situations. The game comes with a deck of cards, each representing a different room or location that players can explore. To uncover clues and interact with the environment, players must use the app in conjunction with the physical cards.

The app provides a timer, background music, and serves as a clue system, allowing players to input codes and receive feedback on their progress. It also handles the various elements of the game, such as managing the timer and providing hints if players get stuck.

The “Unlock!” series offers a wide variety of scenarios and themes, each providing a unique and engaging escape room experience. The game typically includes multiple scenarios in each box, providing hours of gameplay and replayability.

One of the advantages of “Unlock!” is that it allows players to experience the excitement of escape rooms without the need for a physical location or additional set-up. The game is designed for one-time playthroughs since players would be aware of the puzzles and solutions after completing a scenario.

If you enjoy cooperative puzzle-solving experiences and the challenge of escape rooms, “Unlock!: Escape Adventures” is worth considering for your board game collection. Just ensure that you have access to a compatible device (smartphone or tablet) to download and use the app during gameplay.

Unlock! Escape Adventures includes three separate scenarios for you to explore:

  • The Formula, you enter a secret laboratory to recover a mysterious serum that has been developed by a scientist. Will you solve all the riddles and get out in less than an hour?
  • Squeek & Sausage, you need to thwart the plans of the despicable Professor Noside!
  • The Island of Doctor Goorse, you must visit the island of an eccentric antique collector billionaire and overcome its traps!