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Underwater Cities New Discoveries

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“Underwater Cities: New Discoveries” is an expansion for the popular board game “Underwater Cities.” Designed by Vladimír Suchý and published by Rio Grande Games, “Underwater Cities” is a strategy game that combines card drafting, worker placement, and resource management. The expansion, “New Discoveries,” adds new elements and content to enhance the base game.

Key features and additions in the “New Discoveries” expansion include:

  1. New Cards and Modules: The expansion introduces a variety of new cards and modules that players can incorporate into their underwater cities. These cards provide additional strategies, powers, and actions, enriching the overall gameplay experience.
  2. New Game Boards: “New Discoveries” adds modular double-sided game boards that can be mixed and matched with the base game’s boards, creating new combinations and scenarios for players to explore.
  3. Pearl Farms: One of the key additions in the expansion is the Pearl Farms module. Players can construct and manage pearl farms, which offer unique benefits and opportunities to generate resources and points.
  4. New Resource Types: The expansion introduces new types of resources, expanding the resource management aspect of the game and providing players with more options to optimize their cities.
  5. Solo Play Improvements: “New Discoveries” enhances the solo gameplay experience by introducing new AI cards and improved mechanisms for solo players.
  6. Advanced Mode: The expansion offers an advanced mode that introduces additional strategic depth and complexity to the game. Players who are familiar with the base game can enjoy a more challenging experience.

“Underwater Cities: New Discoveries” builds upon the core mechanics and gameplay of “Underwater Cities” while introducing fresh content and options. It adds variety to each playthrough and provides both new and experienced players with new strategies to explore.

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