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Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 4 – Nederland


Tipas - Šeimos
Complexity – Easy
2-5 Players – Best 4
30-60 Mins
Amžius 8+
Designer – Alan R. Moon
Publisher – Days of Wonder


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Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 4 – Nederland contains a new game board with new rules for use with Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride: Europe with players now creating train lines in the Netherlands.

The basics of TtR gameplay remain the same as always — players collect train cards in order to claim routes between pairs of cities with the overall goal of completing tickets they hold in hand — but Ticket to Ride: Nederland twists this gameplay in two ways. First, nearly every route on the game board is a double-route, with two tracks connecting cities. Both of these routes are in play no matter how many players are in the game.