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Tales of the Arthurian Knights

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Gather around King Arthur’s table as you embark on the ultimate quest for glory!

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Tales of the Arthurian Knights, you are a hero or heroine in a story of adventure and awe! You and your fellows will travel the land at the behest of the renowned King Arthur. Through a series of quests, you will make impactful choices that will steer the course of your journey. Secure your place in history by achieving glorious feats, lest your efforts be doomed to obscurity. Gather your band of Knights around the table to enjoy your own epic tale as it unfolds!

Building on the mechanisms from the classic storytelling game Tales of the Arabian Nights, you now find yourself in the age of chivalry alongside Lancelot, Merlin, and many other characters from Arthurian lore. Quests will lead to glorious battles, daring rescues, and the discovery of such marvels as the Holy Grail.

As you navigate through this paragraph-driven experience, an updated victory point system will track your success. Tales of the Arthurian Knights eliminates matrixes and charts in favor of a streamlined method of dictating the paragraphs that will shape your adventure. After making your choices, a single roll plus skill bonuses will determine success or failure.

Choose your actions carefully, and you will be rewarded with skills, renown, and nobility. Choose poorly, and be scorned, cursed, or made a pariah. Bring the age of King Arthur to life in this incredibly replayable board game with a plethora of tales that are sure to challenge, amuse, surprise, and entertain!