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Tainted Grail: Monsters of Avalon 2 – Past and Future Miniature Pack



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These new miniatures will serve exactly the same purpose the original Monsters of Avalon had. Includes Tainted Grail: Past And Future Alternative Encounters Card Pack.

The Past:
Apart from several Guardians from the first Monsters of Avalon box, the Age of Legends campaign will use these additional 10 Guardians. Some of them are creatures that were already planned, but who now got a promotion to a Guardian, and some are brand new.

  • Pale Lady
  • Kelpie
  • Dearg Due
  • Manipede
  • Wyrmlings
  • Corrupted Druid
  • Bean-chioch
  • Horned Warden
  • Doomwing

The Future:

  • Gigelorum
  • Orphaned Heart
  • Fachan
  • Aillén Trechend
  • Glastig
  • Mad Warrior
  • Hooded Crow
  • Torch Bearer
  • Allfather’s Inquisition