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Star Wars: Legion – AT-ST Unit Expansion

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2 Players
120–180 Min
Amžius 14+


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Star Wars: Legion – AT-ST Unit Expansion is an expansion for the popular tabletop miniatures game Star Wars: Legion, published by Fantasy Flight Games. In this expansion, players have the opportunity to deploy the imposing All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) walker onto the battlefield, adding a formidable presence to their Imperial forces.

The AT-ST Unit Expansion includes a finely detailed, unassembled, and unpainted AT-ST miniature, which players can customize to their liking with various optional weaponry configurations. Alongside the miniature, the expansion also provides a unit card and a selection of upgrade cards, allowing players to tailor the AT-ST to suit their tactical preferences and playstyle.

The AT-ST is a versatile and powerful addition to the Imperial forces in Star Wars: Legion, offering both heavy firepower and impressive mobility. Players can use the AT-ST to dominate the battlefield, unleashing devastating attacks on enemy units while providing valuable support to their troops.

As with other expansions in the Star Wars: Legion series, the AT-ST Unit Expansion not only introduces exciting new gameplay options but also maintains a high level of fidelity to the iconic Star Wars universe, featuring detailed miniatures and thematic artwork that immerse players in the epic conflict between the forces of the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Overall, the AT-ST Unit Expansion offers Star Wars: Legion players the chance to unleash the might of one of the Empire’s most iconic war machines, adding new dimensions of strategy and excitement to their tabletop battles set in a galaxy far, far away.