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Star Realms


Rūšis - Strateginis
Sunkumas - Vidutinis
2 Žaidėjai
20 Mins
Amžius: 12+
Designers – Robert Dougherty, Darwin Kastle
Publisher – White Wizard Games


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Star Realms is a deck-building card game designed by Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle, published by Wise Wizard Games. It is a fast-paced sci-fi card game where players take on the role of commanders of space fleets and engage in tactical battles to conquer their opponents.

In Star Realms, each player starts with a small deck of basic cards and gradually builds their deck by acquiring new cards from a central trade row. These cards represent various spaceships, bases, and other assets that provide different abilities and powers. Players use their decks to generate resources, attack their opponents, and defend against incoming attacks.

The goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s authority (a measure of their life points) to zero. This is accomplished by playing cards with attack values against your opponent’s bases and authority directly. As the game progresses, players can upgrade their decks by acquiring more powerful ships and bases, allowing for more strategic combinations and synergies.

Star Realms also features a multiplayer mode that allows for two or more players to engage in free-for-all or team-based battles. The game offers different play modes, including competitive play, cooperative play against a common enemy, and even a solo campaign mode.

The game has seen multiple expansions and standalone sets, which introduce new cards, factions, and mechanics, providing even more variety and depth to the gameplay.

Star Realms is known for its accessibility, quick gameplay, and strategic depth, making it a popular choice for both casual and competitive card game enthusiasts.


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