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Sheriff of Nottingham (2nd Edition)

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Type – Family, Party
Sudėtingumas - Lengvas
3-6 Players – Best 5
60 Mins
Amžius 14+
Designers – Sérgio Halaban, André Zatz
Publisher – CMON Limited


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“Sheriff of Nottingham” is a board game designed by Sérgio Halaban and André Zatz, and published by Arcane Wonders. It is a social bluffing and negotiation game set in the medieval city of Nottingham, where players take on the roles of merchants trying to smuggle goods past the watchful eye of the Sheriff.

In “Sheriff of Nottingham,” players take turns being the Sheriff, whose job is to inspect the goods carried by the other players’ merchant bags. The catch is that the merchants can choose to declare their goods honestly or attempt to smuggle illegal contraband, such as weapons and illegal goods, into the city.

During each round, players fill their merchant bags with goods cards, and then they can choose to declare the contents truthfully or lie about what they are carrying. The Sheriff must decide which bags to inspect, and players can try to persuade the Sheriff not to inspect their bags through bribes or promises of future benefits.

If the Sheriff inspects a player’s bag and finds declared goods, the player is safe and can sell their goods for profit. However, if the Sheriff finds undeclared contraband, the offending player must pay a penalty, and the Sheriff gets a reward.

The game continues for several rounds, with each player taking turns being the Sheriff. At the end of the game, players tally up their earnings from selling goods and pay any penalties incurred during inspections. The player with the most money at the end of the game is the winner.

“Sheriff of Nottingham” is a fun and interactive game that encourages bluffing, negotiation, and reading other players’ intentions. It’s a great choice for groups that enjoy social deduction and player interaction, with a touch of medieval theme and humor. The game’s mechanics make it highly replayable, as players can adopt different strategies and playstyles in each session.

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