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Root: The Clockwork Expansion


1-4 Žaidėjai
60–90 Min
Age: 10+
Complexity: 3.94 / 5

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Root: The Clockwork Expansion allows players to square off against four fiendishly automated factions. Insert a faction to round out a low-player count game or team up for co-operative play! Compete against the:

  • Mechanical Marquise 2.0 – Dodge her marauding patrols as you try to stop her from completing her building tracks.
  • Electric Eyrie: Shore up the Woodland’s defenses against this fearsome invader. If they go unchallenged, the Woodland will soon be flooded with their forces.
  • Automated Alliance – Police these radicals and raze their bases before a little uprising turns into a massive rebellion.
  • Vagabot – Hunt the dastardly Vagabot across the many clearings of the game or attempt to court him with items.


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