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Recipe for Disaster

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3–6 Players
Age: 6+
Complexity: 1.50 / 5

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Are you cool as a cucumber under pressure? Is your games night a bit of a dog’s dinner? Now is the time to put your eggs in one basket with the card game of culinary chaos.

Recipe for Disaster is a new set collection card game with a twist where you will be collecting the necessary ingredients for a dish by any means necessary – Even a hectic, timed dumpster dive!
Once all your ingredients are collected and the bell its rung, its time to get your snake oil pitch on, as each player takes turns to describe which ingredients they’ve used and why their dish is better than everyone else’s!

Once all dishes have been presented, players rate their opponents dishes 1-5 stars, and whoever has the most points is awarded the coveted Golden Turnip Award!

The first player to collect 3 Golden Turnips Wins!