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Raiders of the North Sea. Fields of Fame


2–5 Players
60–80 Min
Age: 12+
Complexity: 2.80 / 5


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Fields of Fame is an expansion for the Viking-themed board game Raiders of the North Sea, designed by Shem Phillips and published by Garphill Games. It introduces new gameplay elements and expands on the base game’s mechanics and strategies.

In Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame, players continue their quest for glory as Viking warriors. The expansion introduces a new resource called “fame” and adds Jarls (mighty Viking chieftains) to the game. The Jarls are formidable opponents who provide unique challenges and rewards for players to conquer.

The expansion also includes new crew members, buildings, and a new type of resource called “plunder.” Plunder represents the spoils of war and can be acquired by defeating the Jarls or through other means. Players can use plunder to increase their fame and gain powerful advantages.

Fields of Fame expands the player count of the base game, allowing for up to 5 players to participate in the raiding and pillaging. It also introduces a new “treasure” card type, offering additional opportunities for players to acquire valuable rewards.

The expansion adds strategic depth to the game, as players must now consider fame as a resource and make decisions on how to acquire and spend it effectively. The Jarls provide a formidable challenge and offer different avenues for scoring victory points, encouraging players to adapt their strategies and tactics.

Fields of Fame seamlessly integrates with the base game, enhancing the overall experience while maintaining the core mechanics and thematic elements that make Raiders of the North Sea enjoyable. It provides new options, objectives, and challenges for players, expanding the replayability and strategic choices available in their Viking adventures.