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The great wizard Dominick Dey discovered a way to travel between different worlds using elemental magic, and spent centuries bringing back amazing artifacts, strange fruits, and exotic creatures. But one day he did not return home, and his fate remains unknown.

In this abstract game, you are travelers between worlds. Your task is to follow the path of the famous wizard, collecting magic keys and using them to open portals to other worlds. Only a mage whose mastery rivals Dominick Dey’s will find him first and win the game!

During the game, players draft fabulous Elemental stones to complete various shapes on Key cards. By activating completed Key cards, players fill Elemental boards with stones and gain Victory Points for matching colors and adjacency.

Game Features

  • Easy to learn, hard to master. Start playing quickly, get better with every game.
  • Close interaction. You share everything with other players, so you’ll inevitably mess someone’s plans up. .
  • Tactical variability. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ winning strategy.
  • Additional modules. Additional challenges to spice things up.
  • Beautiful components. Vibrant colors, a player-friendly design and stones that are great to play with.
  • Solo mode. Great and crunchy puzzle to enjoy alone.


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