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Type – Family, Party
Complexity – Easy
3-5 Players – Best 4-5
20-30 Mins
Amžius: 12+
Dizaineris- Christian Stöhr, Daniela Stöhr
Publisher – Rio Grande Games


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Pictures is a unique and creative party game designed by Daniela and Christian Stöhr, published by PD-Verlag. It challenges players to use a combination of different materials to represent and interpret abstract images. It is a game that encourages imagination, creativity, and communication.

In Pictures, players are presented with a set of abstract images, each represented by a combination of different shapes and objects. The goal is to recreate these images using various materials such as wooden sticks, colored cubes, string, or stones. Players can arrange and combine the materials in any way they like to represent the given image.

The challenge lies in effectively communicating the image to the other players. Each player takes turns presenting their creation to the group, while the other players try to guess which image it represents. The guessing players score points for correct guesses, and the creator of the image also scores points based on how many players guessed correctly.

Pictures encourages players to think outside the box, experiment with different materials, and express their creativity in unconventional ways. It offers a fun and engaging experience that promotes imagination and interpretation. It is suitable for players of different ages and skill levels, making it a versatile game for gatherings, parties, or family game nights.

The combination of visual representation, tactile elements, and the challenge of effective communication makes Pictures a unique and enjoyable game for those looking for a creative and interactive experience.