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Nature observation experience in a game box!
Meadow is an engaging set collection game developed by Klemens Kalicki (the author of Dream Home). Neat design and innovative tableau building model, based on the true connections found in nature, make for a unique, theme driven playing experience. Over 200 unique cards, some of which are hidden in envelopes, give an opportunity to enjoy the product for a long time, making every game a new, exciting journey into nature.

Key selling points:
– evergreen theme, suitable for both experienced and beginning players;
– well balanced medium-weight game with easy to learn rules;
– outstanding, hand painted watercolor illustations

– 1 game board
– 2 campfire boards
– 184 cards with watercolor illustrations
– 4 deck holders
– 78 tokens of various kinds
– 5 envelopes with 30 additional cards
– 1 rulebook
– 1 index of trivia about different species


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