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Happy Little Dinosaurs: Hazards Ahead


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Grab your hard hat there are hazards ahead! This Happy Little Dinosaurs Expansion Pack comes with 2 new characters and 3 new game components. Hazard tokens can force your opponents to take a Hazard card and face new misfortunes, while Lucky Day cards will help you dodge disasters. You might come face-to-face with Bigfoot or get sucked into a pyramid scheme, so let’s hope a shooting star is just around the corner!

—description from the publisher

The NEW Happy Little Dinosaurs Expansion: Hazards Ahead shakes up gameplay with Hazards (as if meteors and bad haircuts weren’t bad enough)
Adding certain Disaster cards to your Disaster Area will allow you to add a Hazard token to another player’s Escape Route!
When a player’s Dinosaur meeple reaches a space with a Hazard token, that player must add the top card from the Hazard deck face up to their Hazard Area. Hazard cards feature an effect that gives players disadvantages throughout the game. (Hazard cards stay in your Hazard Area unless a card effect allows you to remove them.)
Chaos awaits ☄️ Pick up Happy Little Dinosaurs: Hazards Ahead today!