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2-4 žaidėjai
20–40 Min
Amžius 10+
Complexity: 2.44 / 5


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“Fort” is a deck-building board game designed by Grant Rodiek and published by Leder Games. In “Fort,” players take on the roles of kids trying to build the best treehouse fort in the neighborhood while collecting friends and toys to make their fort awesome.

Key features and gameplay elements of “Fort” include:

  1. Deck-Building Mechanism: Similar to other deck-building games, players start with a small deck of cards and use them to gain new cards from a central pool. As the game progresses, players refine and optimize their decks, making them more powerful and efficient.
  2. Unique Card Abilities: Each card in “Fort” represents a friend or a toy with special abilities. These abilities can range from generating resources to granting special actions or affecting opponents’ gameplay.
  3. Gathering Friends and Toys: Players can collect new cards, adding friends and toys to their decks. More cards mean more actions and possibilities for future turns.
  4. Playing with Friends: The game emphasizes interaction between players. Players can steal toys from each other, copy their opponents’ actions, or use their friends to perform powerful combos.
  5. Recruit and Defend Friends: Certain cards allow players to recruit new friends into their fort, and some cards protect these friends from being stolen by opponents.
  6. Friendship and Victory Points: The theme of friendship is prominent in the game, as players can use friendship points to take various actions. The game’s goal is to earn the most victory points by having the best fort and collecting toys, friends, and victory point cards.

“Fort” offers an engaging and dynamic experience with a mix of strategic planning, player interaction, and deck-building mechanics. The game’s artwork and theme evoke a nostalgic feeling of childhood and friendship, making it enjoyable for players of all ages.

With its fast-paced gameplay and tactical decision-making, “Fort” has garnered positive reviews from players and critics alike, making it a great addition to any board game collection, especially for those who enjoy deck-building and competitive games with a unique theme.