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Explorers of the North Sea



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“Explorers of the North Sea” is a popular board game designed by Shem Phillips and published by Garphill Games. It is part of the North Sea Trilogy, which includes two other games: “Raiders of the North Sea” and “Shipwrights of the North Sea.”

In “Explorers of the North Sea,” players take on the roles of Viking explorers, venturing out into the treacherous waters of the North Sea in search of new lands, resources, and valuable relics. The game is set in the Viking Age and captures the spirit of exploration and adventure that characterized that era.

The gameplay revolves around a unique worker placement mechanic. Each player has a limited number of Viking meeples, and they take turns placing them on different action spaces on the game board. These actions allow players to sail their ships, collect resources, attack enemy fortresses, and discover uncharted islands.

One of the core elements of the game is the placement and movement of ships. Players strategically position their ships to navigate the sea, avoid storms, and explore various islands. They must also manage resources such as livestock, iron, and gold, which are essential for accomplishing different tasks and earning victory points.

In addition to exploration and resource management, players can engage in combat by raiding fortresses controlled by other players. Successfully raiding a fortress grants valuable rewards, but it also carries the risk of losing crew members and ships.

The game features a modular board, which means that each playthrough will have a different layout of islands and sea tiles, ensuring variability and replayability. It also incorporates elements of set collection and player interaction, as players compete for limited resources and strategically disrupt each other’s plans.

“Explorers of the North Sea” is known for its accessible rules, engaging gameplay, and visually appealing artwork. It accommodates 1 to 4 players, making it suitable for both solo play and multiplayer sessions. The game typically lasts around 60-90 minutes, depending on the number of players and their familiarity with the rules.

Overall, “Explorers of the North Sea” offers an immersive and strategic gaming experience, blending elements of exploration, resource management, and competition in a rich Viking-themed setting.