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Eleven: Football Manager


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There is no other sport like this. Nothing evokes such emotions, nothing causes such publicity and nothing brings as much income as football. But it is one thing to sit in the stands, and another to stand on the pitch, and another to watch everything from the side.Managing a club is a hell of a job …

Time to get ready for the match! Eleven is a strategic game by Thomas Jansen (Club Stories, Tavern,Street pain ball) set in the world of football. You own a football club and have six weeks ahead of you. What season will it be for you? Relative Stability? Disgusting failures? Or maybe you will fight for victory in the league?

Proper management of club resources will allow you to carry out further transfers, train players, hire new employees, acquire sponsors and expand your own stadium. All this to ensure that your team is ready to win on the decisive day of the match. Hire the right people in the right position and make your club invincible.


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