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El Grande 2023 Edition


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“El Grande” is a board game designed by Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich, first published in 1995 by Hans im Glück. It is a highly regarded strategy board game that falls into the category of area control games. The game is set in medieval Spain during the time of the king, known as “El Grande,” and players take on the roles of grandes (powerful nobles) vying for control and influence in the various regions of the country.

The objective of the game is to score the most points by strategically placing caballeros (knights) in the regions, influencing the court, and using the king’s power to control areas. The game is played over nine rounds, referred to as “years,” during which players use cards with numbers representing their actions for that round.

Each round, players secretly choose one of their action cards, determining the order in which they get to take actions and place their caballeros. The action cards have different numbers ranging from 1 to 13, and the player with the highest-numbered card gets the first choice of action for that round.

Players use their caballeros to gain control over regions, as well as the Castillo (castle) and the King. They can also use their caballeros to influence the court, which allows them to affect the turn order for future rounds. Additionally, players must carefully manage their supply of caballeros, as they have a limited number to use throughout the game.

The game is highly strategic, as players must balance their efforts between expanding their influence and maintaining control over key regions while also adapting to the changing turn order. The area control mechanics and the interaction between players make “El Grande” a classic and enduring game that continues to be enjoyed by board game enthusiasts around the world.

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