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Dune: A Game of Conquest and Diplomacy


“Dune: A Game Of Conquest And Diplomacy” – Command factions, conquer Arrakis, master diplomacy. Will you control the spice?

1–4 Žaidėjai
30-60 Min
Amžius: 12+
Complexity: 2.25 / 5


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“Dune: A Game Of Conquest And Diplomacy” immerses players into the richly detailed universe of Frank Herbert’s iconic Dune series. Engage in strategic warfare and intricate diplomacy as you vie for control over the desert planet Arrakis. Command legendary factions, navigate treacherous alliances, and harness the coveted spice melange to secure dominance. With its blend of tactical depth and diplomatic intrigue, this board game offers an immersive experience where every decision shapes the destiny of Arrakis. Will you conquer through might or diplomacy? Unleash your strategy and claim your place in the sands of Dune.