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“Diamant,” also known as “Incan Gold,” is a push-your-luck style board game designed by Alan R. Moon and Bruno Faidutti. In the game, players become fearless explorers delving into dangerous caves in search of valuable treasures.

The gameplay of “Diamant” is relatively simple. Players simultaneously reveal exploration cards, one by one, from a deck. Each card represents a new chamber in the cave, and it may contain either valuable gems or hazardous events such as traps or rockslides.

After each card is revealed, players have the opportunity to either continue exploring or return to camp and secure any gems they have collected so far. If a player decides to continue, they face the risk of encountering more dangers and potentially losing their accumulated treasures.

The twist in “Diamant” is that players must make this decision blindly, not knowing what cards lie ahead. The tension arises as players weigh the potential rewards against the increasing danger. If a hazard card is revealed, all players who chose to continue lose their accumulated gems for that round.

The game continues with multiple rounds of exploration until the final card is revealed or all players have returned to camp. At that point, players tally their collected gems, and the player with the highest total wins the game.

“Diamant” is known for its accessible rules, quick gameplay, and the suspense it generates as players must assess their risks and make tough decisions. The push-your-luck aspect adds excitement and unpredictability to each round, making it a fun and engaging game for players of all ages.

The game also offers variations and alternative rules to accommodate different player counts and preferences, allowing for replayability and variety in gameplay.

Overall, “Diamant” is a popular choice for casual gaming sessions or as a light filler game, providing a thrilling and entertaining experience as players navigate the dangers of the cave in pursuit of valuable gems.