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Rūšis - Strateginis
Sunkumas - Vidutinis
2-5 Players – Best 4
100 Mins
Amžius 13+
Designer – Mac Gerdts
Publisher – PD-Verlag

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Concordia is a strategic board game designed by Mac Gerdts and published by Rio Grande Games. It is set in ancient Rome during the height of the Roman Empire and focuses on economic and territorial expansion.

In Concordia, players take on the roles of Roman entrepreneurs seeking to establish and expand their influence throughout the Mediterranean region. They do so by building coloniae (colonies), erecting buildings, and trading resources to accumulate wealth and earn victory points.

The game is played on a modular map representing the Mediterranean area, divided into different regions. Players move their Roman agents (representing different historical figures) across the map to take actions such as collecting resources, building structures, and establishing trade routes. Each action is driven by playing cards from their personal hand, with each card providing a specific set of actions and abilities.

The heart of the game lies in resource management and optimizing actions. Players must carefully plan their moves, balancing the acquisition of resources, the construction of buildings, and the expansion of their trading networks. Efficient use of resources and effective timing of actions are key to success.

Concordia features elegant gameplay mechanics, with simple rules that lead to deep strategic choices. It offers a blend of economic strategy, area control, and resource management. The game also includes different maps and expansion modules, allowing for further variety and replayability.

The balance between individual player strategy and competition for limited resources makes Concordia a highly regarded game among strategy enthusiasts. It offers an engaging and immersive experience, providing a glimpse into the economic and territorial dynamics of the ancient Roman world.


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