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Travel in airships above dried-up landscapes, visit cities, and battle Cloud militia.


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CloudAge is a board game designed by Alexander Pfister and published by Capstone Games. It is a unique combination of a deck-building game and a civilization-building game set in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world.

In CloudAge, players take on the roles of explorers in a world covered by a thick layer of clouds. They navigate through the sky in airships, discovering new territories and resources while facing various challenges and threats.

The game features a campaign-style gameplay with multiple scenarios, each offering different objectives and challenges. Throughout the game, players construct their own personal decks of cards, representing technologies, buildings, and resources that they can use to improve their airship, expand their territory, and develop their civilization.

CloudAge employs an innovative “bag-building” mechanic, where players draw cards from a bag rather than a traditional deck. This introduces an element of randomness and keeps the gameplay dynamic and unpredictable.

The game incorporates strategic decision-making as players must carefully manage their resources, plan their actions, and optimize their card combinations to advance their civilization. Balancing exploration, production, and efficiency is key to success.

CloudAge also features a narrative element, with an unfolding story that evolves as players progress through the campaign. The choices players make during the game can have consequences and impact the overall narrative arc.

With its stunning artwork, immersive theme, and engaging gameplay mechanics, CloudAge offers a fresh and innovative take on both deck-building and civilization-building genres. It provides a challenging and strategic experience for players who enjoy both thematic immersion and strategic decision-making