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Challengers! yra interaktyvus kaladėlių valdymo žaidimas, skirtas 1–8 žaidėjams, kuris žaidžia maždaug per 45 minutes, nepriklausomai nuo žaidėjų skaičiaus. Turėdami turnyro žaidimo stilių, kiekvieną raundą sutinkate kitą varžovą.

In the Deck Phase, you choose new members and add them to your deck, which might consist of a wizard, alien, cat, gangster and kraken. 75 distinct characters with more than 40 exciting effects create a unique experience every game. Choose from six different sets and discover new strategies and synergies every game.

In the Match Phase, stay in flag possession to win the trophy of that round. Try to get the most fans and trophies over the course of seven rounds to be able to qualify for the final. If you can best your opponent in the final, you win Challengers!

(If you think that all sounds a lot like a board game adaption of a digital Autobattler, we are proud to tell you that this is the first of its kind!)