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Catan Soccer Fever Scenario


Tipas - Šeimos
Sudėtingumas - Lengvas
3-6 Players – Best 4
70 Mins
Amžius: 12+
Dizaineris- Klaus Teuber
Leidėjas -Catan Studio

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Soccer fever has gripped the island of Catan. You and your fellow Catanians are swept up in supporting your hometown teams. Will they win the most matches and finish the season with the championship cup?

CATAN: Soccer Fever is a lighthearted and simple scenario for the CATAN base game that’s perfect for soccer and football fans everywhere. Every time you build a settlement or city, it’s match day on the island of Catan. Winning soccer matches provides you with benefits, and the team that leads the league standings gets extra victory points.

Holding a soccer match in CATAN: Soccer Fever is ridiculously fun yet simple! Assemble the packaging folio into a soccer pitch and flick your soccer ball at the goalie! If it lands color side up, it’s a GOOOOAAAAL! Score the most goals to win the match.


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